The Aboriginals and the Immigration Waves.

1) The Aboriginals:


Aboriginals were the first settlers in Australia.  Today, the Australian Government wants to revive the aboriginal culture and therefore protects the Aboriginals sites.  If you want to visit the country, you won't be able to go to the Aboriginal village near the Uluru because it is a protected site .  


The aboriginals in the Uluru Village


The aboriginals eat the « bush Tucker », their traditional food: a huge variety of herbs, spices, mushrooms, fruits, flowers, vegetables, animals, birds, reptiles and insects, ....They were also, and still are, very good painters.  There are fine examples in the North of Australia, where they drew the Dreamtime ( aboriginal culture) in the desert sand. Their songs and stories describe the Jukurrpa (creation).




2)The immigration waves:

-The first migrants  used to arrive from New Guinea to  Queensland (Australia) about 70.000 years ago.  At that time,  Australia and  New Guinea were one same territory.  Before 1300, the Maoris emigrated to New Zealand. In the 1522, Cristóvão de Mendonça was the first European who arrived in Australia  . Then, the first British explorer, William Dampier, came in 1688, and settled in Western Australia.  In 20th century, the first Asian wave arrived in Western Australia.  In 1788, the first colons were sailors and prisoners. Before the Second World War, a lot of Jewish Families and 7 million Europeans had to go to Australia. During the trip, they had to share a little room in the boat.


                                                                                                       The map of immigration



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