The Climate in Australia

The temperature in Australia can be very hot (50 degrees °C; 122 °F) or go well under 0 degrees °C; 32 °F. But with the global warming the air temperature rises to 0,7 °C; 33.26 °F minimum. There are also some droughts in Australia and the crops are growing dry, as you can see in this field.


And when the climate is too dry there may be fires in forests or dry fields.

The Australian territory is very affected by storms and hurricanes. The 2009 sandstorm is the most important to this day.

A sandstorm in Sydney.

In Australia there are 6 different climates (Equatorial, Tropical, Subtropical, Desert, Grassland, Temperate).

Desert climate :

Desert climate in Western Australia.

The Desert climate is situated in the centre of Australia. This climate is very hot, dry and arid. It’s a big desert : 18% of the territory. It’s the hottest part of Australia.

 The Tropical climate is situated North of Queensland, on the North and Western territories. It’s in the tropics. The average  temperature is 25°C everywhere.


Tropical Climate in Northern Australia.

The Subtropical climate is situated South of the Western territory and East of Australia. The summers are hot and wet and the springs are fresh.

Subtropical climate in Queensland.

The Grassland climate is situated around the desert climate

Grassland climate in Queensland

The temperate climate is situated in the South-West of the territory. It’s the best climate in Australia since the summers are hot and the springs are fresh.

Temperate climate in Victoria.

The Equatorial climate is situated North of Queensland and is near the Equator. The climate is wet as there are a lot of rainfalls and the temperatures are around 26°C.

Equatorial climate in North Australia.

The climate in Australia triggers a lot of fires in forests and fields. On the other hand there have been torrential rains and floods throughout this January in Queensland.  Snakes and crocodiles are back in towns and are spreading terror.  It is a catastrophe and a few people have died, are missing or injured. The water - which is now dirty - has travelled to the Great Barrier Reef and might destroy it.



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