Welcome to our website about Australia! This is our homepage. Part of our Year 10 English project, we have decided to create a site dedicated to Australia. You can access the different pages of our menu by clicking on the items above. Need help or advice or other websites to swap links with? Just head to the forum. You'll find answers to most commonly asked questions. Have fun reading our website and don't forget: with doomby, your only limit is your own imagination!


Elodie, Florie, Anaïs:            "We are going to talk about the Australian geography : the Great Barrier Reef,  the country, the sea and a lot of other things..."

Benoît, Vincent, Quentin:      "We also want to introduce you to the animals in Austalia"

Damien, Raphaël, Antoine:    "Our pages are about the landmarks in Australia: one in each big town"

Ludovic, Benjamin, Fabien:   "In Australia there are many different climates: come and discover them !"

Sarah and Constance:            "We host a project about the Australian Immigrants. In our pages, we will talk about the first immigrants, when they arrived, where and why.  So, it is very interesting: come and visit us !"

Yvan, Corentin, Sébastien:    "The website hosts the project about the famous people in Australia"

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